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Friends, you are most welcome in today's new post, many PayPal cash earning applications keep coming and going in the market, some applications are fake, some applications are real, in some applications, you can earn less in some applications. You are able to earn more and in today's post I am going to tell you about one such application in which you can earn a lot of PayPal Cash.

Friends, today we are going to talk about PayPal Cash Earning Application, in which you have to play a simple game and in return for playing that game you will get coins and with those coins you can redeem PayPal Cash.

If you also really want to earn PayPal cash then keep reading this post carefully so let's know which application is it, how to earn, how to redeem.

About The App

App Name - Crazy Worklife

Publisher Company - BoomSoft Studio 

Released on - 04 Feb 2022

Downloads - 100,000+ Downloads

Rating - 3+

Download - Join Now

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How to create an account in Crazy Worklife app

• First of all you download the app by clicking here

• Now you have to open the application, it will ask you to allow the terms and conditions, then you have to allow it.

• Now you will see the profile button inside the application, click on it.

• Now friends, you will be asked to bind account, as soon as you click on bind account, all the Gmail id's will be open in your mobile, so that you have to create an account, you have to click on it.

• Friends now your account has been created successfully now you can start your earning.

How to Open Redeem Button in Crazy Worklife App

You have to follow the below given instructions to unlock your redeem button

• Friends, first of all you will see the gift box above the profile button, click on it.

• Friends, you will be given some tasks,here like binding the account, spin the spin wheel 8 times etc.

• When you complete these tasks your redeem button will be unlocked and you can redeem.

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How to claim sign up bonus in crazy worklife app

• Friends you have to click on Invite Friend button to claim your Signup Bonus.

• Now you have to click on fill in the code.

• You have to use this referral code to get the signup bonus - G3Y2HHB8

• After entering the referral code, you have to click on the confirm button.

• Now you will get 100 coins in signup bonus.

How to earn payPal cash in 2022 with crazy work like app

Friends you can earn PayPal cash using crazy worklife app in two ways

• You Can Earn PayPal Cash By Playing Games In Crazy Worklife App

• You can also earn great PayPal cash by inviting your friends.

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You Can Earn PayPal Cash By Playing Game In Crazy Worklife App

Friends, you get an easy game in the Crazy Work Life application, friends, if you tab like tab on the home page, then your game will start and your earning will be friends, this game is very easy, you just have to tab on the screen and Friends, your earning will continue, you get to see a line in the upper side, you have to fill that line and friends, as soon as the whole line is filled, you get coins from there, by doing this you can earn coins and later those coins you can take paypal cash from.

You can also earn great PayPal cash by inviting your friends

You can also earn PayPal cash in crazy worklife app by inviting your friends you get 500 coins per invite and also 10% earning of friend till your every invite get 2000 coins.

How much PayPal cash on how many coins i will get

Friends you have to collect 10000 coins in Crazy Work Life Application to get your first payment, in return you will get $1 PayPal Cash,You will get $2 PayPal Cash on 20000 coins.

If you want to earn by invitation only then you have to make 20 invites instead you will get 10000 coins and you can make your first payment of $1 PayPal cash.

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Crazy worklife app payment proof

Friends, I have received a Payment of $3 from Crazy Work Life Application, which I will provide to you in the screenshot below.

Crazy Worklife App Legit Or Scam ?

Friends, I have used Crazy Worklife application, played game in it, my experience has been very good in this application and friends, I have taken payment from this application which I have received, which has also arrived in my PayPal account.

So friends, I can say that this app is real, it is trusted, you can believe that I have taken payment, then you can also take payment from it, you work without worry, earn PayPal cash and take payment.

Friends, now it has been proved that Crazy Worklife application is legit, you can earn PayPal cash from it.

Friends, if you face any problem in redeeming earning in creating an account in Crazy Worklife Application, then I have made a full video on my YouTube channel in which I have told the whole process that how you have to use the application, whose link is given below. Have given you can click there to get complete information.


Friends, I hope you liked this post today Crazy Worklife App Payment Proof,Crazy Worklife App Review,Crazy Worklife App Legit Or Sacm Stay with us for reading such PayPal Cash Earning Articles Thanks

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